HyperReal is an architectural practice based in Decentraland and is primarily focused on the architecture and urban planning of virtual worlds. We specialize in low-poly modeling, Animation, and the Decentraland SDK. Please feel free to contact us at hyperrealarchitects@gmail.com or stop by the office at 82,-20 Decentraland.


Office of HyperReal

82,-20 Decentraland


The Office sits within one of Decentraland's most interesting collaborations. It provides a physical space designed to showcase and promote the architectural aesthetic of HyperReal. The bottom floor is open to all 4 directions to allow foot traffic. The second floor features a 250000-gallon aquarium inhabited by a hammerhead shark. The third floor is accessed using a spiral staircase which cuts through the center of the shark tank. The conference room located on the third floor acts as a meeting space for potential clients.



Empire is a virtual world. The vision for empire emerged out of a MArch thesis project exploring architecture and urban planning in virtual reality worlds. Over the next few years, a new interest in virtual reality will precipitate the production of an infinite amount of new space. If architecture is the design of space, then we contend that it should be the responsibility of architects to design this new territory. The research for this project centered around the role of architects and how the discipline can help determine the culture surrounding virtual reality using the tools of architecture. The goal of the project is to provide people with a private plot of land to act as the center of their virtual worlds.